Luuk was born and raised in a small village in the south of the Netherlands as the youngest of two.
in his early 20's, Luuk finished school in Tilburg and moved to various cities in the Netherlands.
He ended up in Rotterdam where he is currently living and working as a freelance Cinematographer and Colorist.

Luuk is specialised in dark and colourful images with strong contrast. he has a very classic style of framing and mostly works with a small but specialised crew. 
He won several awards on various film festivals around the world.
He won "best cinematography worldwide" during Filmapalooza (the world championship 48 hour film project) not once, but twice.
He shot his first feature film "De witte Wieven" in March 2023 (release will be 2024)

He also has his own color grading suite under the smoke of Rotterdam.

Also, he doesn't know why he, and other people always write from the 3rd perspective on their "about" page but he just happily follows this trent.

If you want to know more about me, want to hire me or just for a quick chat, please contact me through the Contact page.
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