Luuk de Kok is a Dutch based Director of Photography and Colorist who was born in the southern region of the Netherlands, where he grew up as the youngest of two siblings.
Specializing in the creation of evocative imagery characterized by rich, dark tones and vibrant hues, Luuk possesses a distinctive style marked by strong contrasts and classic framing techniques. Collaborating closely with a select team of skilled professionals, he has garnered recognition for his work, earning accolades at prestigious film festivals worldwide.
In March 2023, Luuk embarked on a new milestone in his career, lensing his debut feature film, "Witte Wieven." Set against the backdrop of medieval Netherlands, this atmospheric horror film made its highly anticipated premiere during the 2024 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), captivating audiences with its dark and haunting narrative.
Notably, he lent his keen eye and artistic vision to the production of a television commercial for KWF (Kankerfonds), a prominent cancer research foundation. This poignant advertisement, resonated deeply with audiences and garnered significant acclaim, earning a nomination for the prestigious De Gouden Loeki awards.
Also, Luuk doesn't know why he, and other people always write from the 3rd perspective on their "about" page but he just happily follows this trend.
For further inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or simply to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out through the Contact page. Luuk looks forward to hearing from you.

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