A journey towards biophilic living.⁣
A place to nurture a new material culture for a planet-first lifestyle.⁣
This is where the living world shapes design, expressing its beauty in functional forms.⁣
This is where we connect the biological material revolution to exquisite craft processes.⁣
Where we envision new ecosystems of bio-based production.⁣
Where we plant seeds of radical change through brave collaboration.⁣

The planet is alive, and this is living.⁣
CLIENT: NpOL  |  PROD. COMPANY: studio Airport  |  DIRECTOR: Bram Broerse & Maurits Wouters  |  DOP:  LUUK DE KOK & Mischa van Schajik 
  |  CAMERA: ARRI ALEXA MINI + Sony A7s3   |  LENSES: sigma cine zooms

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